So You Want to Be a Storyteller?

31 Gen

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Really? Even if people won’t want to date you ever again for fear that you’ll one day talk about them on stage? You’re sure?

Okay. Welcome aboard.

Here’s a cheap glass of wine. Where we’re going, you’ll need it.

I’ve got to tell you – I think you’ve picked a great time to get into the story game. I mean, with the success of storytelling podcasts like The Moth, RISK!, Definitely Not the Opera, Snap Judgement and This American Life millions of people are now aware of the phenomenon of modern storytelling. Just about every city in North America now has a regular storytelling event, and there seems to be more opportunities for storytellers than ever before. For raconteurs like us, the getting has never been good-er.

But before you start speaking your heart into the crackly microphone at the local roti place’s storytelling event (at which no one is there to actually hear stories [they’re just there…

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The Slow Boat to China

31 Gen

The Disorder Of Things

The following post is the first in a series of oceanic dispatches from Disorder member Charmaine Chua. She is currently on a 36-day journey on board a 100,000 ton Evergreen container ship starting in Los Angeles, going across the Pacific Ocean and ending in Taipei. Follow her ethnographic adventures with the tag ‘Slow Boat to China’.

“In civilizations without boats, dreams dry up, espionage takes the place of adventure, and the police take the place of pirates.”

– Foucault, Of Other Spaces

cc_EPL2_IMG_0666 Source: Author

There is uncanny beauty in the monstrous. This, at least, is the feeling that seizes me as I stand under the colossal Ever Cthulhu[1] berthed in the Port of Los Angeles. The ship’s hull alone rises eight stories into the air; even from a distance, I am unable to capture its full length or height within a single camera frame. In describing the…

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Leave the pen. Take the cannoli.

31 Gen


amtrak in the morning
Late last month, on the weekend before Christmas, I took a day in San Francisco, just to get out of Davis for a little while and sketch things on ground that slopes a bit. I didn’t have much of a plan beyond “go to the Ferry Building, have a cannoli, draw loads”. So I did. Here’s my sketch from the early morning Amtrak train, above. It’s not cheap, traveling the Amtrak, but it’s a lovely journey and you get free wifi.

So I got to the San Francisco Ferry Building, where they have the Saturday Farmer’s Market. I like getting here on a Saturday, and finding the little stall inside that sells Italian cannoli filled with chocolate, and sugary messy lemon-filled ‘bombolini’, little doughnuts. After cleaning my face I went outside to draw a panorama, which took about an hour and a quarter. Those sugary treats made me work…

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Opinioni sulla cattedrale

20 Ott


Analisi di Cattedrale di Raymond Carver.


20 Ott


20 Ott


Le versioni di Alice

3 Feb

So she set to work, and very soon finished off the cake.

E così si rimboccò le maniche, e in un attimo si era sbafata anche la torta.
Aldo Busi traduce Alice nel paese delle meraviglie, Feltrinelli

Così ci si mise d’impegno, e ben presto il dolce fu finito.
Paola Faini traduce Alice nel paese delle meraviglie, Newton-Compton

Così si rimise al lavoro e in quattro e quattr’otto finì la torta.
Andrea Càsoli traduce Alice nel paese delle meraviglie, Dalai

Allora, decisamente, finì in fretta tutta la focaccia
Antonio Lugli traduce Alice nel paese delle meraviglie, Salani

Così si mise all’opera e ben presto ebbe finito tutto il pasticcino.
Milli Graffi traduce Alice nel paese delle meraviglie, Garzanti